1hr Farmers! Free Urban Farming sessions in Newcastle! Learn How

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Come and become a 1hr Farmer in Newcastle and be part of a growing change. In a very relaxed environment come and learn everything from Planting to Harvesting at a time that's convenient to you. In a nutshell (or a coriander seed - welcome to punville too. ) we get some help, you get some experience and you walk away with produce that we've grown organically, locally and as fresh as possible from your local town. Its pretty radishes... radical. Each week we go through seeding, harvesting, transplanting, washing greens, bed preparation and the most worthwhile part is getting to meet some like minded people who enjoying doing the same thing. We've been around now for 5 years in Newcastle collecting and converting organic waste into compost and since we've begun these urban farms around 2 years ago now - we put this nutrient rich compost back onto these farms to grow produce and supply it back to the locals and the cafes/restaurants we collect from.

nonetheless a big green thumb to thank all of the one hour farmers we've had involved over the last few years - anyone's welcome from kids with parents to anyone who wants to learn about how to be sustainably growing in their backyard or our towns backyard. See you soon.

This looks like awesome fun I am a bit unwell at the moment so gonna stay home and chill I have 2 fractured wrists and I am in a world of pain...but I wanna see the photos so I don't miss out FOMO <3.
Hiya I can’t see the location..?

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