28 Day handstands Challenge

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Challenge yourself & master the art of handstanding in 28 days. Easy Concept : practice handstands EVERY DAY for 28 DAYS. No matter what. Be dedicated. Learn & improve your skills. List the location and the time of each practice, feelings of the day and obviously a daily picture. Why 28 days ? The moon cycle usually lasts 28 days, so we decided to start each challenge on the new moon. Please share your experience on the page. Be inspired & dedicated with love, from Byron Bay

Day 13 Working on holding, nice tree. 18 sec. I was in the middle of nowhere, driving South towards Sydney. And I believe Ellie was in New Brighton :) Sorry the delays guys at posting my pics. I'm on the road.

posting is a challenge by itself haha isn't it? The handstand from today is beautiful but it's still in my friend's phone who I met in the hostel yesterday, so he will send it to me :)
Day 15 FELIZ AÑO NUEVO. . . . Holding it while wishing you all the most exciting challenges, projects and adventures for this new year.
Day 18: 50 second wall hold (if I had known I would have held it for that extra 10 seconds to make a minute)

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