40k Event 1500 Points

AddresseShop 2 (Globe Lane), 201 Crown St
AtGames Workshop: Wollongong
CountyAustralia @ (AU)

Shop 2 (Globe Lane), 201 Crown St
Games Workshop: Wollongong
Australia @ (AU)
Tel 2018-01-14
Categoria Events

The first 40k gaming event of 2018. $15 entry as per always, 1500 points of joy. The day will consist of 3 games, 1) 9:15am - 11:30am No Mercy 2) 11:45am - 2:30pm (1:30pm to 2pm for lunch) The Relic 3) 2:45pm to 4:45pm Secure and Control Participants MUST bring their own rulebook, codex, dice, tape measure and miniatures (a loss of 10 points will occur for forgotten equipment, don't forget. ) The restrictions for this tournament will be you may have either a single Forge World unit. Generals will be scored on their composition, painting and by your opponent if they had a fun game. Most importantly of course come in with a good fun attitude, this is not meant to be a super serious event, just a wicked excuse to roll some dice, spots are limited to 16 people so get in quick.

Josh, You can give my spot away. Work getting in the way of life again.

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