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Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia
Joymamma HypnoBirthing & Yoga
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Joymamma's HypnoBirthing course is 5 weeks of childbirth education, taught by birth doula Carrie Jeff. Understanding how the modern system of labour and birth management can interfere with the delicate and intelligent flow of hormones, you will realise that as birth has become over-complicated it has also become difficult and very painful, even traumatic, for many women. But it doesn't need to be that way. Birth is an event that we need to train for, physically, mentally and emotionally. We need our partners to know how to support us. How to encourage us. How to reassure us. How to read our body language and to nurture us. Women don't need to do this alone, scared or frightened. Instead, as a team, you can birth your child into this world together. (Thanks Joel, I used some of your words xxx) Hypnobirthing gives Dads a role to play in birth - and in the preparation for birth.

HypnoBirthing might sound ‘new age’ but it is simply a set of very logical steps that every couple should know about, that make a very big difference to the birthing process. Many parents (Dads in particular. ) attend the first session with scepticism but when they learn that HypnoBirthing is based on medical and physiological facts, not some ‘airy fairy’ nonsense, they are ALL completely convinced. You just need to have an open mind and the motivation to succeed.

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