Air, Fuel, Spark 101 Course

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8 Duke Street
Kustom Kommune
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Bike running like a bucket of.... , not starting, blowing smoke or not running at all? Learn the Air, Fuel, Spark principals ready to fault find and tune. Course will cover topics such as: - Fault finding and the process of elimination - How carburettors work and basic tuning principals including jetting and mixtures - How Coils / Ignitions / Spark Plugs function and what could cause them not to work - What is Lean vs Rich - Filters - Stock vs Pods vs Stacks. - Exhaust principals and what changing pipes means for tuning This is theory based course with hands on topics. Drinks and snacks are provided on the night. PLEASE NOTE: Non-members must select 'Non-Member Pass' when purchasing a space in this course. Why? Because membership fees help to keep the Kommune alive.

We provide exclusive benefits to members in return for their ongoing support. If you are not a member you can sign up here. Please note course is limited to 10 attendees per class.

This sounds rad. Does much of what's covered in this apply to 2 strokes as well or just 4?

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