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In this 3-hour workshop, you’ll discover The underlying cause of hayfever, sinus and seasonal allergies Why food allergies are on the rise and what to do about it Natural treatment options for allergies Natural treatment options for asthma How autoimmune disease works Which diet is best for specific immune issues How to boost immunity to prevent Colds and Flus Your immune system is a highly regulated system that helps to fight off invaders and keep you healthy and free from disease. However incidence of allergies, asthma and autoimmunity are on the rise due to environmental, genetic and nutritional factors.  But the good news is there is a lot that you can do. You'll learn about the most common allergies and how to hlep them, which foods and lifetyle changes you need to make and what the natural treatment options for autoimmune conditions are too.  About Katherine and Iwa Katherine and Iwa are both Bachelor qualified naturopaths that work at Shift to help patients overcome chronic and complex health issues by using dietary intervention, natural remedies such as herbal medicine and nutritional medicines.

They have helped thousands of patients and are excited to be in Rockhampton to help you too. Shift Rockhampton (previously Brisbane Natural Health) has been helping Capricorn Coast locals for the past 18 months through workshops, in-person appointments and virtual appointments. Katherine and Iwa are also available for naturopathic appointments every 2 weeks, to find out more contact us.  To learn more about us, go to

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