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Gift yourself a full day of YOU time...Treat yourself as a dear friend. Have you ever really listened to your self-talk when life isn’t going the way you’d like it to? Have you really listened to yourself? If not, you might be surprised at how much harder you are on yourself than others. And guess what? Research has shown that you can only love another as much as you love yourself. So whether you want to improve your capacity to love and nurture yourself or whether you’d like to have more love to give others, it starts with YOU and your relationship to YOURSELF. COMPASSIONATE COMMUNICATION provides you with a model for healthy, nurturing and CONNECTING self-dialogue. With Filippa Araki's guidance and support in a SAFE and friendly environment, you will learn to: * Listen to your self-talk with COMPASSIONATE CURIOSITY * Identify your judgements and evaluations of yourself * Become clearer about what triggers your negative self-talk * Connect more deeply with your FEELINGS * Gain more CLARITY about what you are longing for in your life * Come up with clear concrete next ACTION steps to create more of the life you want * CONNECT more DEEPLY with your INNER WISDOM This event is for WOMEN who want to deepen their relationship with themselves and learn how to SUPPORT themselves more COMPASSIONATELY through challenging times.

WHAT YOU GET * Lush Self Nurturing and an EVOHE Gift * Compassionate Community & Safe Space * Delicious Organic Vegan Morning and Afternoon Tea * Tools for Conscious and Compassionate Communication WHO'S IT FOR Women who want to LOVE themselves fully and deeply and CONNECT with others with COMPASSION and CARE WHAT HAPPENS During the evening you will experience: * EVOHE self nurture ritual in Circle * Experiential learning of Compassionate Communication * Delicious Morning and Aferternoon Tea Made with Love * Connection with Self and Others ABOUT YOUR HOST Filippa Araki has been teaching communication for 25 years. Passionate about supporting people to connect through heart-based communication, she regularly teaches and facilitates courses in Compassionate Communication (Nonviolent Communication).

Meg Forrester, owner and creator of Evohe skincare products, will lead a self nurturing circle using Evohe products. Self nurturing is how Meg supported herself through some very challenging life experiences and she loves to support others to learn to be more nurturing and gentle with themselves. TESTIMONIALS ABOUT COMPASSIONATE COMMUNICATION “Filippa has an engaging and nurturing teaching style. ... I felt very comfortable, supported and engaged." "Totally satisfied. I felt valued and respected and included. ... I liked the way Filippa presented in such a straightforward, open, relaxed, simple and honest manner." "I have learnt a life skill that will totally change the way I communicate with myself and others. Filippa listened to my questions and gave practical, empathic suggestions and skills to help me understand the process and its flow."

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