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AtKalmpets Canine Sports Academy
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3/26 Gibberd
Kalmpets Canine Sports Academy
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Do you want to discover what learning agility is all about in a fun, safe and secure environment? We have added a new service to our Kalmpets Canine Sports Academy "Agility Fun Classes". Designed for owners who want to do something fun with their pet dogs which uses their body and their brain*. You will get to learn all the basics including going through tunnels, going over jumps, going up and over the contact equipment (Dog Walk ramp and the A-Frame), going through weaves and of course how to navigate your dog through a course. Our classes run in school term blocks, with the first class block of classes starting Wednesday, January the 31st. Class starts at 6.30pm (set up from 6.15) until 7.15pm , and it is held in our NEW Kalmpets Canine Sports Academy Arena.

The Arena is indoors with a purpose installed flooring specifically for the sport of dog agility. Cost of the Term 1 (9 weeks) $220 (as our instructor will be away for the last 2 weeks). Prepayment is required to secure your spot. Enrollment must be prior to January the 29th. Our classes are run by Frank Fitzpatrick a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner. Frank has been competing in Agility since 1995 and has been instructing for 17 years. Frank has not only competed locally but also nationally and internationally. ARENA RULES There are some strict rules that will need to be adhered to in the arena: • NO toileting in the arena – there will be training and NO free roaming allowed. • NO Liquids including drinks in the arena at all times – your gear and will be set up in the adjacent room where you can keep your refreshments.

Only a sealed water bottle is permitted in the arena, water for your dog can be placed in the adjacent room. • NO shoes with spikes or heels • Dogs are to be toileted every 15-20 minutes, Frank the instructor will allow for toilet breaks. This can be done on the front verge or the park across from the car park. • When chatting to the instructor between your goes please ensure you have control of your dog. Ideally put back on lead, or in a sit/down stay, or get a friend to hold them for you. There is no free roaming allowed in the arena. Requirements to attend the class are as follows: - Full C5 Vaccination - Over 6 months old - Your dog is to be social (both dog and human social) as there will be times where training will be off lead - Your dog is to be able to stay with you even off the lead, your dog also needs to have a good recall.

- Your dog needs to be able to give you their full attention even in a stimulating environment. - Females are not in heat/season and it must have been at least one month after a season has finished - Males are not to urine mark within the arena To register for the Term 1 please email Sarah on: [email protected] * if you are interested in refining skills and learning foundation with the aim of competing in the sport then "Click Start Agility for Beginners" is a more suited course for you.

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