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The key to healing is digging down and finding the truth of what is going on and unlocking the point that collapses a whole chain of symptoms in one go. Sometimes we can keep searching and searching for an answer and over analysing, when in fact you may just need to adjust some frequencies in your energy body so you can live in alignment with your life path - it really is that simple.If you are ready for change, I welcome you to join me in a workshop series utilising a method that strives for simplification. Simplifying everything - that’s where the world is heading.THE HEALING METHODIt’s really simple and follows the laws of how things work in the current state of the world. We have moved beyond 3D which is linear. We can work in a non-linear way which is much more effective, quicker and more powerful.The aim of the whole process is to achieve full embodiment by bringing the spirit, mind and body into alignment - because when that happens, our lives and bodies flowoptimally and we have a grounded awareness of our surroundings and the expanded multiverse.WORKSHOP LEARNING OUTLINEweek 1 Understand energy, the healing process, how stress and trauma affect our body, mind and spirit, and the universe, dimensions and the shift in consciousness that is currently occurring on Earth.

Learn the art of simplified muscle testing and discover your own abilities to feel your own energy and others.week 2 Delve deeper into the energy systems to gain a more intimate understanding of them. Use and channel frequencies and magnetism to heal yourself and your family.week 3 Understand emotions, beliefs and programs and how our they run deep within our consciousness and affect our everyday lives and body function. Learn and be able to release programs and beliefs quickly to supercharge the healing process like you’ve never seen before.week 4 Align emotional body with higher self. Understand intuition and how to access it to heal yourself and and your family. Understand the many various types of interference in our energy systems and release them permanently.week 5 Gain a deeper understanding of interference that expands your awareness of the multiverse including; entities, spirits, booby traps, imprints, portals, soul loss and so much more.week 6 Understand the long lasting effects of birth trauma and how to release it.

Understand the body, organs and glands, their metaphysical stresses and how to release stress within them in a simplified and quick way.week 7 Understand the mind, nervous system and teeth and how they impact the body’s function, their metaphysical stresses and how to release stress within them in a simplified and quick way.week 8 Understand DNA and it’s multi-dimensionalism and how to adjust stresses within it to heal the mind/body/spirit connection and how this creates rapid and deep healing.week 9 Access the 12 physical and multidimensional DNA strands and theirmetaphysical stresses. Recode your matrix to align with your life path.week 10 Connect with the frequencies of other star systems for enhanced awareness of yourself and the multiverse. Understand how to access gifts and skills from past lives and bring them into this life.DATES AND DETAILS PLEASE NOTE THAT EVENTBRITE HAVE LISTED IT AS 1 INDIVIDUAL WORKSHOPS BUT IT IS ACTUALLY A 10 DAY WORKSHOP SERIES.

Week 1 commences Sunday 18 August 2019 - then Sunday’s thereafter on 1 Sept, 15 Sept, 29 Sept, 13 Oct, 27 Oct, 10 Nov, 17 Nov, 24 Nov, 1 Dec $1400 for the 10 Weeks ($200 deposit to secure your spot) To provide 1-on-1 support, an intimate number of 15 is preferred.Contact Kemina PH 0400 565 116 or [email protected] ask her how to receive a $200 discount

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