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Building Bridges Legal Aid ACT is facilitating a range of cultural training's in the first half of 2019.  The aim of these sessions is to improve cross-cultural awareness and effective communication among lawyers and community workers.  Each session will be held on a Wednesday afternoon in the same location. Location: Legal Aid ACT, 2 Allsop Street Canberra City Cost: FREE. If you have any questions about the training, email: [email protected] You are welcome to attend any or all of these sessions.  Please tell us your participation needs.  CPD points available  ---------------------------------------------------------- Wednesday 20 March 2019 - Working with Clients from Refugee and Asylum Seeker Backgrounds Time: 3pm - 5pm  This session will cover: Significant issues for people from refugee backgrounds; Trauma and its impact; Framework for Understanding Torture and Trauma; Experience and emerging issues and asylum seekers; Key specialist services and contacts; How to work towards recovery in our approach; Using interpreters; and Dealing with our own emotional reactions.

This training will be delivered by Glenn Flanagan, Team Leader at Companion House.  CPD Points: 1 point in each of core area 2 1 point in core area 3 Wednesday 17 April 2019 - Working Effectively with Interpreters  Time: 2pm - 4pm This session will cover: Principles of cross cultural communication; How do I engage an interpreter? When should I engage an interpreter? Common challenges and barriers to interpreter use and how to deal with them; Five key principles of interpreter use; Interpreters and trauma; Role plays with interpreters; and Tips for using interpreters.  This training will be delivered by Glenn Flanagan, Team Leader at Companion House. CPD Points: 1.5 points in core area 3 0.5 points in core area 2 Wednesday 10 July 2019 - Building Bridges: The Concept of Jihad in Islam Time: 2pm - 4pm  We live in the age of information.

A time where attaining knowledge has been made far more accessible than ever before. However, despite this, misinformation has become quite the norm. Especially when it comes to the religion of Islam. The very tools which are used to gain knowledge are manipulated to spread fear and alternative facts. Terms like Islamism and Jihadism derived from Arabic words are used far too loosely to describe extremism and terrorism. So what does Islam really say about the concept of Jihad?Does the religion which is followed by 1.7 billion people of the world, nearly a quarter of the world's population, really teach war and terrorism to its followers? Join us as we Question Islam, putting Islam under the spotlight, and delve in to the scriptural and historical origin of the word Jihad and its implications on modern society.

This training will be delivered by Imam Mohammad Hadi, Muslims Down Under.  Wednesday 21 August 2019 - Building Bridges: African Communities in the ACT Time: 2pm - 4pm Through this training, we hope to provide an opportunity for participating service providers to understand the cultural nuances of various African communities in Canberra. Each representative will be delivering a 30 minute presentation discussing the background and demographics of their respective communities including: Country information - such as language, religion, politics; Etiquette - such as between males and females; Communication do's and dont's; and Any ongoing needs or issues that members of the community have, legal or otherwise.  This training will be delivered by Marial Kot and Gop Gai from the South Sudanese Community, Charles Koker from the Sierra Leonean Community, and Tich Pasipanodya from the Zimbabwean Community.  CPD Points: 1 point in core area 3 0.5 points in core area 2 0.5 points in core area 4

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