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Hello beautiful Mama's,At this event I am sharing from the perspective of being a mum, a birth and postnatal Doula, a prenatal yoga teacher and kinesiologist - as well as an essential oil covert and advocate (I have used doTERRA's oils since 2015). My greatest passion is supporting women to birth on their terms. I believe that birth can be a beautiful rite of passage for women and when they are informed, well supported and listened to birth can be positive.Pregnancy is such an exciting and beautiful time. So many changes and transformations are taking place physically, physiologically and emotionally as you grow life inside your womb.As mothers we generally have a desire to nurture our bodies and our babies respectfully, as health-fully and close to nature as possible.Essential oils are plant extracts that have been used for many centuries for therapeutic purposes.Find out how you can use essential oils safely to support your wellness amidst the myriad of changes throughout your pregnancy and beyond.This is a relaxed event where I will share my experiences of using essential oils throughout pregnancy, and for birth, with reference to safety guidelines and recommendations for use during this sensitive time.The oils that I will be sharing about are doTERRA essential oils.

These oils are certified pure therapeutic grade and the highest standard of essential oil quality on the market, on the planet. If you want to find out how you can use plant medicine to support you through many of the common pregnancy ailments of morning sickness, fatigue, aching muscles and emotional fragility (to name a few) as well as for birth, and beyond pregnancy, then this event is for youI will also share how essential oils can be used to detox your home environment so that you are limiting chemicals and toxicity during pregnancy, and after when you have your precious baby to consider too.There'll be refreshments and some oil spiked snacks for you to sample for morning tea. Also time for you to stay and chat to other expecting mama's at the end if you like.Looking forward to seeing you there.Clancy*Address provided upon registration.

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