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Addresse3/264 Pinjarra Rd
AtOceano Sun Sand and Sea
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3/264 Pinjarra Rd
Oceano Sun Sand and Sea
Australia @ (AU)
Tel 2018-02-11
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From 1942 until 1945, Cape Peron was the site of the "K" Battery complex, one of a chain of coastal gun emplacements defending the Perth region between Swanbourne in the north and Cape Peron in the south. "K" Battery was established as part of Australian coastal defences in 1942 following the fall of Singapore to the Axis powers and the imminent threat of invasion of Australia by Japanese forces. The battery consisted of two 155mm American field guns, two observation posts and numerous support buildings including ammunition magazines, engine and generator rooms, and troop accommodation for approximately 100 troops. As of 2016, the complex lies in a state of disrepair with the gun emplacements and observation posts suffering from extensive structural damage due to erosion, vandalism, reclamation by the natural environment and pedestrian activity.

The underwater life and topography of Cape Peron consists of many species of algae, including red, green and brown algae with rocky limestone reefs, expanses of sandy seafloor beds with large seagrass meadows containing a variety of species of kelp. The reef structures host an array of sea squirts, sponges, urchins and molluscs. In and around the various reefs, ledges, overhangs and swathes of seagrass meadows it is not uncommon to find a sizeable variety of marine life, including but not limited to: bottlenose dolphins, grey nurse sharks, great white sharks, Australian sea lions, loggerhead turtles, pink snapper, King George whiting, baitfish, tailor, garfish, skipjack trevally, and blue swimmer crabs. The outer limestone reefs are riddled with swim throughs and cave structures this makes for great exploration and adventure, so long as you remain within the scope of your training.

Ensure you fly a dive flag as boats in the area are common and remain alert and situationally aware at all times. This dive is free so please click the attending button if you wish to join us. If you require equipment, please call the store in advance to make arrangements and to pay any associated costs. Your DM for this dive will be Brad Map link below.,115.6840586,1081m/data=. 3m1. 1e3. 4m5. 3m4. 1s0x2a329d153a5f8b71:0x67c11483e5e4e9f5. 8m2. 3d-32.2710774. 4d115.6875158

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