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Have you ever caught yourself saying...... "I wish I could switch my mind off"....... YOU CAN. . "I wish I could relax" ...... YOU CAN. . . . "I can't do yoga... I'm not flexible enough" ......YOU ARE. . . As far as I'm concerned as long as you can breath and move..... YOU CAN DO YOGA. . . It's not all about being flexible (this is a groovy side affect tho. ) it's about giving YOURSELF the time to reconnect mind, body & breath. By practicing tuning into your breath while moving, pausing, relaxing you start to create this wonderful connection to self.... your true self. Learn to celebrate your body and what it CAN do, whatever that is, in the moment. Learn to switch off the 'monkey-mind' and become more present on your mat and in your life. I have 10 years yoga teaching experience and 15 years experience as a massage therapist and have always been interested in natural health and wellbeing.

During the 5 weeks I will share with you * breathing techniques to help deal with stress & pain * A daily sequence that will work the WHOLE BODY * basic yoga poses to strengthen, tone and detox the body * guided meditations to help you deeply relax * a take home booklet with all the information covered so that you can start your daily home practice. * ALL students receive a NEW YOGA MAT & EYE PILLOW to keep ALL students and encouraged to listen to their own bodies, move at their own pace and enjoy the journey. . . Tuesday evenings 7.30pm - 8.30pm Secret Habour Surf Club (fabulous ocean views are free. ) 20th Mar - 17th April Places are limited to 20 mats. Exchange is $90 (includes mat & eyepillow) Now is the time to make the decision.... YOU CAN DO IT.

. . . Book now using the ticketing link in the event page.

Ok folks.... thank you so much for booking in for our upcoming course. Don't forget to click 'GOING' on this event and we will see you tomorrow at 7.30pm @ Secret Harbour Surf Club, your new mat & eyepillow will be waiting for you.

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