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Background Da Xuan is a Daoist tradition of practices and philosophy for the complete development of the human being. The tradition has preserved and transmitted its practices from generation to generation for more than 1500 years. While being Chinese in origin, this rich and unique approach is specifically non-cultural and non-religious. It is concerned with the development of human qualities, and as such is open to anyone of any culture or belief. I will be presenting two workshops on the practices of the Da Xuan Daoist tradition.  The first will be a general introduction to the practices of the school and the basic concepts, and the second will focus specifically on the Da Xuan family style of Qigong.  You are welcome to attend either workshop stand alone, or you can do both together for a more immersed experience.

EARLY BIRD TICKETS AVAILABLE UNTIL 2 WEEKS BEFORE THE EVENT. SATURDAY WORKSHOP: Mind, Body, Circulation – Fundamental Practices of Da Xuan Daoism (Saturday 13th July, 8am – 11pm) The Da Xuan tradition has a unique approach to developing the full capacities of the human being. We consider the physical body, the breath/circulation and the mind to be of equal importance and therefore each aspect is trained separately and thoroughly in isolation, only recombining them once each part has been perfected to a degree. This workshop will introduce the fundamental practices of our tradition: developing a strong, aligned and relaxed body mobilizing the circulation with breathing and qigong exercises for increased vitality relaxing and focusing the mind The exercises are designed for longevity and so are simple and restorative.

They work equally well for the athletic, sedentary, old and young alike, drawing from 1,500 years of experience working with thousands of students.  All are welcome and no particular skills or capacities are necessary. SUNDAY WORKSHOP: Da Xuan Qigong – Growing and Circulating the Energy of the Body (Sunday 14th July, 2pm – 5pm) Qigong (also called nei gong – internal training) is a practice that combines gentle physical motions with breathing and working with the feelings of circulation. It is the practice that connects the body with the breath. The Da Xuan Family Qigong is a specific approach that will develop the internal qualities in a clear and methodical way with no need for esoteric fluff and misdirection. Our approach asks us to be based in reality and so we make sure we are working with is what is actually there and not a fantasy.

Qigong will help you find real alignment, improve your circulation, increase your energy and help you to relax deeply. This workshop will present the fundamental practices for building a Qigong practice that you can grow with for the rest of your life. No prior experience is needed and the workshop will be suitable for complete beginners and experienced practitioners of Qigong alike.  For more information about Da Xuan please visit, or our Teacher’s website Facebook Event: What to Bring: – notepad & pen– comfortable loose clothing– any cushions or mats you need to sit comfortably

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