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Flora 4 Fauna - Australia will be hosting a Bushfood & Biodiversity Eco Tour of the biologically and culturally significant sites of the Darling Downs region on Sunday the 26th of August 2018. The tour will explore areas of high flora and fauna biodiversity, including bushfood and medicinal plant gardens, ancient culturally significant sites, national forest parks and areas of geological and archaeological significance. We look forward to seeing a wide range of native Australian mammals, reptiles, birds, butterflies, bushfoods and medicinal plants that are synonymous with the Darling Downs region at this time of year. We will also discuss the (relevant) past and present histories of these areas and the significance they hold for the traditional people who continue to have a strong connection with the place and country.

During our tour, we will visit places of environmental significance that host protected areas of endangered flora and fauna, as we make our way through the expansive nature reserves and forest parks of the Darling Downs, that are also great places to relax, recharge and unwind from the day-to-day stresses of life. * Please be advised that there are limited seats available on this tour and bookings are taken on a first come basis. To receive more information about this tour, please click on the 'interested' button on the event page and we will send you or the relevant information. To make a booking email: [email protected] About the Darling Downs: The Darling Downs region is popular with eco-tourists because of its many natural and heritage attractions, including the only natural lake on the tablelands.

The region has uncovered important megafauna fossil finds. The rich discoveries have lent weight to the theory that humans were not a factor in the extinction of the ancient megafauna species. Before European settlement many areas on the Darling Downs were fertile wilderness, with rich swampy wetlands that provided a haven for many animal species not currently found on the downs. The Darling Downs hopping mouse and paradise parrot have both become extinct since industrialised farming began. More information about this tour will be added closer to the date.

A sample of the sights that can be seen on our Darling Downs - Bushfood & Biodiversity Eco Tours.

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