F1 in Schools National Finals 2018

AtLaunceston, Australia
CountyAustralia @ (AU)

Launceston, Australia
Australia @ (AU)
Tel 2018-03-04
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Founded in 1999, the F1 in Schools STEM Challenge is a globally acclaimed competition aimed at students aged eleven to nineteen. The competition requires secondary school-aged students to design, build and race miniature Formula One® cars powered by carbon dioxide canisters. However, the competition goes deeper than just racing, with teams having to market themselves to a wide variety of professional industries in order to gain sponsorship, to advance them in the project. Using sponsorship funds collected during this process, teams have to design and manufacture the fastest Formula One® car of the future. Teams then use cutting-edge technology to engineer and construct the cars, with the aim of racing them down a twenty-metre track. Students are also tasked with producing a trade display, which is a trade booth showcasing the team’s progress throughout the competition season.

The trade display is viewed and judged by leading engineers, designers and other high-profile business identities, along with the team’s car, verbal presentation and marketing portfolio.

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