Golden Key Sleeps at The 'G

AddresseBrunton Avenue
AtMelbourne Cricket Ground (MCG)
CountyAustralia @ (AU)
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Brunton Avenue
Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG)
Australia @ (AU)
Tel 2018-05-17
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When a young person finds themselves with no secure place of their own, they can be vulnerable to abuse and violence (often the cause of homelessness in the first place). And over half will miss out on regular school. Without support of organisations like Melbourne City Mission, young people experiencing homelessness can become trapped in a cycle of poverty… And lose all hope of reaching their full potential. To help combat the issue of youth homelessness, Melbourne City Mission annually hosts 'Sleep at the 'G'. By sleeping on a cardboard box at the MCG for one night, in addition to providing an opportunity for you, your friends, and family, to experience a little bit of what homelessness may feel like, it also is a fun night out and an opportunity to show your support by donating to this worthwhile organisation.

Your donations will help Melbourne City Mission provide young people experiencing homelessness with the opportunities and support they need to: o Find housing: in temporary accommodation, transitional housing or return home (when it's safe to do so). o Rebuild their lives: reconnect with school, family, get mental health support, develop living skills and plan their future. o Know they matter: it sounds simple, but supporting a young person to believe in themselves is the foundation of a successful life. In addition to this event being a great way to give to our Melbourne community, it also will be a great bonding experience for the Golden Key Victoria Alliance, family members, and friends. Early bird registration is $55, so sign up ASAP to save. Discount code (10% off): SEEYOUTHERE Registration cost covers: Entry to MCG Cardboard Box to sleep on Soup for dinner Coffee, tea, and a basic breakfast Hope to see you there.

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