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Growth and Cashflow Secrets of Real Estate Millionaires event is four massive seminars squeezed into one powerful event The only place where you'll discover my A to Z blueprint on how to create a real estate portfolio that could potentially achieve both amazing positive cashflow and growth in the next 3 - 5 years. Cashflow Positive Secrets Of Real Estate Millionaires. Growth And Fast-Equity Secrets Of Real Estate Millionaires. Asset Protection Secrets Of Real Estate Millionaires. Tax Minimization Secrets Of Real Estate Millionaires. YOUR PRESENTER - Dymphna Boholt Dymphna Boholt is Australia’s #1 Real Estate Speaker and Provocateur She’s a retired accountant, qualified economist, full-time real estate investor, author (5 books), founder of the iLoveRealEstate Community (with 10,167 paid members) and mother of 3 children.

She’s a thought leader with a difference who is dedicated to busting all the commonly held beliefs and myths about what’s possible for the average Australian investor with respect to achieving financial freedom using real estate as the vehicle. Her strategies, theories, teachings, education and most importantly forecasts, have been proven correct time and time again. However, the proof is not in what she’s been able to achieve for herself, but in the results and outstanding achievements of her I Love Real Estate community members. Her mantra is: “Make a decision today. Get off the comfy couch now, put your ‘peg in the sand’ and do whatever is required to create cash flow and wealth. Not in 20 years, but in the next 3-5 years – The only truth are your results.” My Proprietary Property Genius Formula My specific Blueprint on how I take a complete novice and awaken them to discover their unique wealth genius This is my proprietary formula for success and I’ve had the privilege of seeing my work play-out in the laboratory of life.

The only truth is the result. You’ll come to see for yourself, with irrefutable proof that the results of my property genius formula are outstanding. No two investors are the same, however there is a foundational matrix of skills, strategies and knowledge that is required to achieve real estate and financial success. My formula is a pure holistic approach to investing that no-one else teaches. I hold nothing back and I’ll show you all the pieces of the wealth puzzle required for you to achieve your financial dreams. Once you’ve received this information and you implement the formula, you’re unlikely to ever be challenged with money problems again. At my one-day events I’ll be covering several aspects of my property genius formula and how you can take advantage of it in your own wealth creation journey and create your own genius.

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