Herd Bowl League - Season 2018 - Kick Off Event

Addresse10 Southwestern Highway
AtPerth Nerd Herd Gaming and Social Club
CountyAustralia @ (AU)
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10 Southwestern Highway
Perth Nerd Herd Gaming and Social Club
Australia @ (AU)
Tel 2018-02-04
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Greetings, sports fans. Welcome to the inaugural season of the Herd Bowl League. (HBL 2018 for short :) ) All coaches are invited to join in the day and matches played on the day will be eligible for an additional MVP. Watch the group and this event for more information. Please check the website for venue and club information. Consumption of alcohol is permitted, but please, drink responsibly. *** REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN. *** Follow the instruction in the players info guide to get your account active. If you already have an account get on and create and register your team today.

Greetings, sports fans. Exciting times ahead.

The newest rules from GW is on the way in the form of the Blood Bowl Almanac. I don't anticipate any changes to the league at this stage, but my lovely wife has assured me a copy for Xmas :) any changes will be communicated swiftly :) anyone who sees anything they think is good is welcome to raise it as well.
Hi Gang. The League has been created on the WAFFL site, please register your teams in advance of the kick off event. Please let Lee Stark know once you have your team created and entered into the League and I'll add the 5 free fan factor. House rules document can be found here:
EDITED - The house rules. There are a few changes to how special play cards are drawn at the start of the match.

Please read the house rules carefully and see you pitch-side.
Hey gang. I'll post a short guide in the next few days on how to buy your team using the WAFFL website., including how to enter your team into the league :)
Still a little way off. But the tournament in January will be a good practice for all the practice games.
We're on the map.
What team are YOU taking in the HBL?
Not long to go now. :D

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