Humans vs Zombies Melbourne - October 2017

CitySouth Yarra
AtFawkner Park, Melbourne
CountyAustralia @ (AU)

South Yarra
Fawkner Park, Melbourne
Australia @ (AU)
Tel 2017-10-14
Categoria Events

EVENT DETAILS: WHEN: 11:00am-5:00pm, 14th of October. Games start @ 11:30, Lunch @ 1pm. Ages 14+ WHERE: Fawkner Park. Meeting Place: COST: $2 Dart Hire Donation EYE PROTECTION is mandatory. Some glasses are provided however we highly recommend you BYO Please note: Blaster muzzle velocity is capped at 130 ft/s. All single stage Flywheel blasters will be assume to meet this limit. NO BLACK OR OVERLY REALISTIC BLASTERS, must look like toys under Victoria law. Please err on the side of caution; you will be asked to put it away. Extensive use of 3D printed dress up kits is for indoor events only. --------------------- Playing Human vs. Zombies: Melbourne: At the start of a game the majority of players begin as Humans who must defend themselves from Zombies using dart blasters, by hitting a Zombie with a dart a Human stuns a Zombie preventing them from attacking until they respawn after a count to 25.

A Human can be zombified by a solid touch or tag on the body or blaster by a Zombie. As the game goes on the number of Humans decreases and the number of Zombies increases until the Humans manage to complete their mission objectives or all of them are zombified into the Zombie Horde. Most events feature various games or missions with different tweaks to the rules but the following rules are always active unless otherwise stated: · Zombies hit with a dart are stunned for 25 seconds and cannot tag Humans or move until they respawn, unless they are required to move to respawn. · It is Humans responsibility to call stuns on Zombies. Incorrect calls can be overridden by administrators, moderators or a majority of other players. · Tags by Zombies to Humans’ blasters or other held or attached equipment results in Zombification.

· Players cannot climb trees or buildings. · All Players must wear eye protection, HvZ:MELB provides safety glasses free of charge. · Players must identify as a Player and as Human or Zombie if asked. · Humans should not fire blasters at/or in the direction of Non-Players. · Any Player can stop play if they believe there is a risk of injury or of Non-Players interfering with gameplay. · Players must use blasters that are determined safe and don’t resemble realistic weapons.

I think I lost a LIPO at last HVZ, it was a black 3S with a golden dragon on the side (I can't remember the brand). Please let me know if you've seen/ have it. Thanks
God bless the lipos

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