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69 Jonson Street
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-> Do you resonate with unconditional love? -> Do you have an issue or challenge in your emotions, relationships, health, or self-love you've been wanting to heal? -> Have you tried every sort of healing, therapy, counselling, coaching, ceremony and workshop, but find you still haven't been able to create full healing of your core patterns or issues? -> Is now the time to create powerful change in your life, and heal yourself with love on the deepest level? ................. Unconditional love is our spiritual home. Our freedom to be who we really are. And our power to heal anything. Unconditional love is the true energy of our soul, heart and spirit, and the deepest source from which all healing and joy flows. Through our deep healing journeys, working with trauma, rape, abuse, chronic illness, and every sort of issue imaginable, the Unconditional Love Healing process emerged as a simple, profound method allowing us to truly heal anything at the deepest root cause.

The results are truly profound. Deep emotional trauma and pain you've held for a lifetime is rapidly released. Patterns of depression, anxiety or fear are transformed into joy and peace. Deep unworthiness or loneliness opens into unconditional love and authentic connection. And ultimately through it all, we find ourselves living in our true spiritual home of love, and with the freedom to be our true selves. In this introductory offering, we'll be sharing how our unique healing journeys took us from the deepest darkness to lives full with love both inside & out. And we'll be introducing the keys of how pure unconditional love can be applied to heal anything in your life including emotions & mental health, relationships, sexuality, self-love, and the freedom to be truly you.

Based in Sydney, this will be our first time ever in Byron Bay. We'd love to meet you. ...... Feedback from our 3-Day workshops in Sydney in 2017: "Unconditional love healing has truly and profoundly changed my life. Since my first big shift in my one on one with Simon, the vibration of me and the relationships in my life has changed incredibly. I feel more "myself" than I've ever felt before. I feel more at peace and in love with my life and who I am. The first change I noticed was with my father. We connected on a deeper level and everything I've ever wanted from him was given to me in one conversation on the phone with him...and that was because I no longer made him responsible for how I felt and who I was. I saw him in his truth and loved him for that because I allowed love to fill that part of me first." - Fenda "After putting Unconitional Love Healing into practice, emotional blocks that I have felt for years simply melted away - only to reveal the boundless love that was within me all along." - Jess "This is the most powerful course on earth." - Michael "This workshop was truly remarkable for me – not only was the healing work incredibly deep and profound, but Simon and Lora provided a framework that was so clear.

They brought great clarity and a formal education to topics that I previously had been trying to work out by myself. Feels wonderful- like a big relief to be taught and guided with such clarity." - Ella "I have done a lot of healing modalities and they haven’t dealt with my root issues like Unconditional Love Healing has. I feel like I can be my authentic self free from worry and resistance. Like being born again." -Martin .......... ABOUT SIMON & LORA Simon Wing-Lun & Lora Radford are the founders of Unconditional Love Healing, and the directors of The Leela Centre in Sydney. Both co-teach the ULH workshops, and work with clients around Australia and the world. Simon became a healer after a period of challenge and intense spiritual awakening in his early twenties, and went on to learn all the most powerful approaches and methods he could find.

But something was always missing. Eventually Simon had a profound experience of how we can actually apply unconditional love to heal our deepest pain and trauma, which planted the seeds of the Unconditional Love Healing method. Lora was abuducted, abused and tortured as a child, and then suppressed this trauma for years. Upon realising what had happened to her as an adult Lora experienced an intense time of psychosis and deep healing. Through her experiences Lora discovered the healing power of unconditional love and realised that as human beings we are capable of healing anything that happens to us and living in great joy. WORKSHOP DETAILS Date: Tuesday January 16th Time: 7pm-9.15pm (arrive from 6.45pm) Location: Byron Community Centre - Cavanbah Room 69 Jonson Street Tickets are $15 online via eventbrite available until 5pm on the day, or $20 on the door. For more information visit See you then.

Derek, you would LOVE this..

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