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10/21-23 Tasman Way
Byron Bay
Womens Shack
Australia @ (AU)
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Join us on a journey to meet the power of our inner mystical and beautiful A P H R O D I T E <3 Aphrodite being the embodiment or personification of SEXUALITY AND PLEASURE and to our own inner wielding of this power. We are rarely taught what to do with this power and have often misused this magic within us which often results in the side effects of misused power. Aphrodite is associated with the root chakra and will be the first of 5 goddess that we will be journeying to and rediscovering and honouring in 2018 at the Women's Shack. Aphrodite also refers to our innate appreciation for: BEAUTY this too if not nurtured and guided properly becomes distorted and often results in obsession with outer appearance. Aphrodite is also associated with LOVE - something that we as womben give lots of but can often withhold if we aren't pleased with the person involved which reduces our beautiful ability to love to something that is only given with conditions.

This is often results from conditional love for ourselves. This program is created for women to connect to Aphrodite in her light and give practical applications to use this energy in a loving and non manipulative way. Powerful action based rituals to change neural pathways keeping us slaves to old patterns tied to Aphrodite in her shadow. Teachings of self love which overshadows any form of external love, teachings on true power through self empowerment.. not power over others through sexuality... shining light on the shadow side of our inner Aphrodite that we have used and abused so that she can no longer hide and bring disaster throughout time in one form or another.. the greatest moment of this being when our sexual power over others wanes with age. I am honoured to offer this journey to your inner Aphrodite through a day of fun exercises and teachings to bring forth your inner power in its greatest light.

WHAT WILL BE OFFERED: ♡ Goddess initiation making our own flower garland to use during the rite, enchanting it with prayers to our divine Aphrodite energy ♡ Sacred ritual practices to take home with you to connect to the true Aphrodite ♡ Teachings on Aphrodite symbolism and how to use it ♡ Radical self-love exercises using art music and movement ♡ Heart blessing to reconnect to our innate nature of unconditional love through sound healing and song ♡ Reconnecting to true beauty beneath the veil society has created to feed inadequacy through powerful exercises ♡ Reclaiming our birth right to pleasure and sexuality through ancient teachings and exercises. ♡ Teachings on ocean, rose quartz, kunzite, pink taumaline, honey, dove, myrtle, rose, sparrow and pearl medicine.

With loving gratitude Kristin

Mirror mirror on the wall Who is the fairest of them all? You of course Just as you are Everyone you see hear touch taste and smell Is you Tiny particles of you Why do we seem seperate? Because divinity wants to experience life that way Dont waste the opportunity of life being lost in the world out there as though it isnt within Pull your energy back and know its all just you In perfect timing For all that is and all that I am, I am eternally grateful Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Behold yourself.
What is pleasure to you? Are you responsible for your own pleasure? Are your partners holding you responsible for theirs? We are excited to open the gateway to the fields of pleasure available to us at any given moment and to inspire us to make this a priority in our lives.
"Beauty is about finding the right fit, the most natural fit.

To be perfect, you have to feel perfect about yourself- avoid trying to be something you're not. For a goddess that is especially hard- we change so easily" - Aphrodite <3
Aphrodite's flower ♡ the beautiful rose♡ representing love, beauty, courage and respect
♡ so excited to be exploring Aphrodite out of the shadows with you all next year. ♡
Hi :) can you tell me how much this will be?
Self-love and sisterly love feels <3

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