Julius Caesar

Addresse597 High Street
AtJoan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre
CountyAustralia @ (AU)

597 High Street
Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre
Australia @ (AU)
Tel 2018-10-05
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Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war. Act 3, Scene 1. Brutus is suspicious. Cassius is conspiring. Caesar’s days are numbered. Loved by the people, Caesar’s power is growing – which is dangerous if you live in a world driven by ego and idealism. Those that rise too fast must be dealt with. For the good of the country. For the good of those who wish to be rulers themselves. Julius Caesar is Shakespeare’s political thriller, a masterpiece of intrigue and treachery. Stand witness to the assassination that leads to a life and death struggle for power in the Republic. Citizens mutiny, Mark Antony schemes, and the fate of Rome hangs in the balance. Bell Shakespeare’s Associate Director, James Evans, will direct a production that’s seething with rage, leaving audiences breathless at how quickly violence reveals the fragility of democracy.

Experience the tension between aspiration and ambition, the triumphal entrances and brutal exits, as it is all laid on the line for Rome.

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