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610 Stirling Highway. Mosman Park ( Entrance from back)
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Please join us for a 10-week journey through the Yogic Anatomy - The Ten Bodies. 1st Soul Body - The part in you connected to the Infinite. Your inner infinity. 2nd Negative (Protective) Mind - Identifies possible dangers or shortcomings in a situation; necessary for protection. 3rd Positive (Expansive) Mind - Inspires you by showing the best possible results in any situation. 4th Neutral (Meditative) Mind - Takes the information from both Negative and Positive Minds and decides on the best course of action using unbiased, intuitive knowledge. 5th Physical Body - The vehicle through which you participate fully on Earth. 6th Arcline - The arcline extends from ear to ear, across the hairline and brow; it’s your halo, the nucleus of the aura.

7th Aura - The aura is the electromagnetic field that surrounds your body; it acts as a container for your life force, bringing confidence and security. 8th Pranic Body - Through the breath, the Pranic Body continuously brings the life force and energy into your system. 9th Subtle Body - The Subtle Body helps you see beyond the immediate realities of life to the sublime universal play that lies beyond. 10th Radiant Body - The Radiant Body gives spiritual royalty and radiance. [Source:] Kundalini Yoga is a powerful, ancient technology often referred to as the “Yoga of Awareness”. It was a secret tradition passed down from master to disciple for thousands of years. In 1969, a student of Kundalini Yoga named Yogi Bhajan broke the silence and brought the practice to the Western World.

He knew that through this practice, students can tap into their own divine power to take control of their health, lives, and relationships. Kundalini Yoga is now celebrated worldwide for its instantaneous, tangible, & transformational effects. Relax and unwind with yogi tea and good conversation after class. $20 exchange. **Our New Address** Unit 2 634 Stirling Highway, Turn off Stirling Highway at Himalayan Nepalese Restaurant and Cafe, Our Street Turns into St.Leonards Street, but is listed as unit 2 634 Stirling Hwy, Mosman Park WA 6012 *(If your on Stirling Hwy traveling from Cottesloe to Fremantle then turn left at the Indian Restaurant) *(if your on Stirling Hwy traveling from Fremantle then turn right at the Glyde Street Lights then take the first right on Ecclesbourne St go one short block and take the first right onto St.Leonards Street.

We are on the right in the white building that says Home of Yoga ) ******************************* Life Uplifted Academy is an inspirational community dedicated to helping you live your highest potential through yoga, health, spirituality, coaching, & nutrition. Founded by Nam Nishan Singh (Greg Jarema) and Sunder Atma Singh (David James), the mission of this community is to bring together varied experiences to provide a holistic approach to physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Nam Nishan Singh has been a student of Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan for over 7 years. He discovered the practice through teacher/radio-personality/rock star, Sandy Ames, in New York City. He was immediately addicted to the “kundalini high” he got from the practice and went back every week.

Nam Nishan studied under Deva Kaur Khalsa and Kirn Kaur Khalsa, both of whom were early students of Yogi Bhajan’s and are each Master Teachers of Kundalini Yoga. He brings dance, singing, and joyful upliftment to the practice to create a space of love and support. Sunder Atma Singh is a spiritual coach and kundalini yoga teacher from Western Australia. He is a certified life coach through The Coaching Institute and studied under the Karam Kriya School for kundalini yoga. He brings his deep understanding of the workings of the mind to all of his classes with strong kriyas for cutting through mental blockages. He teaches students how to return to their innate energy of love to transcend the ego and live a life of abundance.

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