Live Streaming Your Art And Why You Should Start NOW

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You know how people that started on YouTube when YouTube was still a smaller platform became today's well known YouTubers? How being there at the very start gave them a headstart that someone starting now [with the level of oversaturation there is on YouTube] could only dream of? What if I were to tell you there was a new platform that's still in its infant stages and gaining traction fast? Somewhere where YOU could be one of those early starters that establishes themselves early and rides the wave as the platform gets bigger and bigger? I honestly believe this is what live streaming is now for artists. People are still feeling their way around, there aren't many in the space, audiences are still forgiving of unsophisticated setups, it's perfectly suited for art-making and it's growing bigger and bigger, exponentially by the day.

This workshop will give you a run-down of the different channels available. Of what you need to get started live-streaming, from the equipment, to the digital assets, to what programs you could use. What some of the benefits are and how you can maximise and incentivise them. As well as, how to stand out, how to deal with trolls, best practices for communicating, learning from your audience and utilising communities. My hope is that SCG artists can be seen around the world and reach the audiences they deserve. I sincerely believe this is a HUGE opportunity and you'd regret it if you missed it.

Was this supposed to come up in my feed? This is weird, possibly creepy as. I am running a party and was just thinking about live streaming it in my head.

Is facebook getting into my thoughts now or something?

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