Men’s Mental Health (fundraiser for Movember)

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Do you work in a stressful job? Do you bring that stress home and have trouble switching off? Are you having trouble making decisions or putting them off? Would you like to have more quality time with your family and partner? Do you feel the need for alcohol or food as comfort after a hard day? Do you have trouble switching off at night? Do you find yourself reacting in moments of stress? Do you want to take better care of you? Prioritise your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing? Know how to check in with your mates and ask if they are okay?  If you found yourself answering yes. to the above questions, join me and a bunch of other men in the upcoming Men's Mental Health workshop. At this workshop, you will learn: * How to create a "third space" between work and home * How to quieten your overactive mind * How to identify your early warning signs * How to minimise stress and develop effective coping strategies * How to handle difficult emotions with greater ease * How to check in with the other males in your life and ask if they are okay  *** ALL proceeds from this workshop will be donated to Movember. 

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