Menstrual Magick - exploring our sacred blood

Addresse10/21-23 Tasman Way
CityByron Bay
AtWomens Shack
CountyAustralia @ (AU)

10/21-23 Tasman Way
Byron Bay
Womens Shack
Australia @ (AU)
Tel 2018-03-10
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Explore the magick and the mystery of your blood and bring back the sacred to this time in your life. This workshop is an opportunity to: *dive into our cycle, to explore the way our blood cycle connects to the earth and moon. * How to flow with your blood and with your cycle rather than fighting against the energy. * Connect with your womb and journey to that place to meet your blood goddess. * Learn about the magick and mystery of your blood. How to use it, how to harness its power, how to vision deeply for yourself and your community. * Participate in a spellwork ritual that anchors yours vision and gives you the tools to grow your connection and visioning power. Sitting in circle with women is a profoundly healing experience. Hearing and holding each others stories sacred, we dissolve judgement and only bring love.

pre-menarche, post menopausal, and other non bleeding women are welcome to attend this workshop and share their experiences. All stories are sacred and all experiences are a valid addition to the rich tapestry we weave with our visions and stories. cost $75 Please bring: Water bottle, Journal, wrap or shawl to be comfortable during journeying. THE FACILITATOR Sequoia Krop offers women centered and shamanic healings, workshop and rituals. She is a Teacher with the School of Shamanic Womancraft, a women’s Mysteries school taking women on a year long Four Seasons Journey. She sees women in workshops, circles, red tents, rituals and in private practice. She is a writer, a blood witch, a priestess of the women’s mysteries and a Red Tent facilitator. She runs various workshops for women on honouring ourselves, cycles, menstruation, magick, drum making and holds Red Tent on her land in Wilsons Creek.

She has run Red Tents and presented workshops, talks and rituals at various conferences and festivals around Australia. You can find her at Sat Nam once a month on Friday’s 7-9pm holding Within Woman’s Circle, which includes, sacred sharing, ritual and drum journeys. Also at the Womens Shack where she brings the Magick of Menstruation. She is available for private sessions by appointment. Sequoia works in service to women and the goddess and is dedicated to the sisterhood and the vision of living the healed feminine.

Thanks Sequoia Krop

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