Mindful Mummies Tribe Gathering: Self-Compassion

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You have that little voice inside your head that whispers (okay sometimes yells. ) I am not good enough I am failing I am a terrible wife, mother, and friend You often find yourself in the comparison trap or feeling like you are the only one having a hard time. This little voice often creeps up on you without you even knowing it. This little voice rules your life more than you would like, but you know that it doesn't have to be this way. You would like to learn how to treat yourself more kindly, and how to accept and love your imperfect self. You would like to learn to be more compassionate and less judgmental towards yourself especially during the challenging days. You are longing for some "me time", some time to fill up your own cup. You want to make positive changes for yourself and for your family and you know the time for you is NOW.

The thought of gathering with like-minded mothers and connecting in circle appeals to you. If you are ready to say yes to making yourself a priority, come over and join me (& 10 other women) for the Self-Compassion Tribe Gathering. Through connection, education and relaxation you will learn: • how to incorporate Mindfulness and Self-Compassion into your daily life • the role of your mean mama voice and why it is there • simple strategies to help rewire your brain towards compassion and away from harsh criticisms • how to cope with difficult emotions with more acceptance, ease, and resilience • the power of self-forgiveness • how self-compassion can assist you to be a more calm, connected and present mother You will take away : • a handful of resources and practical tools • a short meditation designed for you by me This workshop will be a balance between theory and practice as both elements are incredibly important for real and lasting change to occur �

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