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Ashmore and Burleigh
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FIRST WORKSHOP FOR 2018. “Parent’s are never truly prepared for the degree to which a baby’s sleep patterns will dominate and completely take over daily activities”. Why Attend a Newborn Sleep Workshop? In essence to cut through the volumes of dozens of books on the subject of infant/toddler sleep, most describe their own processes and methodologies and how they fit the general population.Come join in and learn all you need to know to set up your baby’s healthy sleep habits from birth. For more information click here: Amanda Bude is an experienced Antenatal, Birth Suite and Postnatal Midwife of 18 years, Advanced Holistic Child Sleep Specialist, HypnoBirthing® Childbirth Educator and Certified Infant Massage Instructor.

She is a Attachment Parenting Specialist and Multiple Birth Specialist. As a mum of 3 beautiful children, age 10 and boy/girl twins, 8.5 years old- Amanda can focus on any baby sleep issues and baby sleep problems that you may have. What you will learn: Parenting Style File- can your parenting affect your baby’s sleep from birth? Baby Temperament- discover it early. Newborn Sleep Unravelled- day/night mix up, avoiding overtired babies. Crying Chaos- how to ride through the wave of development. Nursery Feng Shui- the ultimate snooze room. 5 Steps to Sweet Sleep. Where should my baby sleep- decision making made easy. Common Sleep Stealers and how to combat them. Reasonable Routines- awake times, sleep requirements, sleep product choices. Baby Steps to leading the way- myth busting the self-soothing expectation.

and much much more. .

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