October Ride Day - Race Day Weekend

Addresse1487 Midland Highway
AtSymmons Plains Raceway
CountyAustralia @ (AU)

1487 Midland Highway
Symmons Plains Raceway
Australia @ (AU)
Tel 2018-10-13
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Ride Days are all about having fun. Having the opportunity to ride without oncoming traffic and without any nasty surprises around the corner, riding as fast as you want to and not losing your licence, exploring your own and the bikes limits. All this in a safe environment and for minimal cost. TMCC Ride Days are run in accordance with Motorcycling Australia’s regulations. Ride Days are not race meetings, they are an opportunity for riders to; hone their skills, bike knowledge and road craft; to exchange information; and to explore the potential of their motorcycles in a controlled environment. Ride Days are run in sessions. Groups are determined by experience and machinery. Beginner (Blue) – for riders new to the track and for riders who enjoy a slower pace.

Intermediate (Green)– for faster riders on sports orientated bikes. Advanced (Yellow)– for more experienced riders on sports orientated bikes. Racers – (Red) for riders on race bikes. Sessions are 10 minutes for each group and run in rotation. All new riders start in the Beginner group. The first Beginner group of the day is run with a pace bike, so everyone can sight the track and get a feel for it. There is no pressure to ride any faster than you want to. As riders gain track experience they may want to move up to the Intermediate group. To change groups you must ask the nominated official. Motorcycles need to be roadworthy even if not registered, good tyres, brakes, mechanically sound with no leaks. Riders need to wear appropriate clothing: Approved Helmet, Gloves, Boots, Full-length trousers and a Protective jacket (Back protector and leathers needed in red/race group) Prices are as follows: Track day rider fee: Full Licence - $80 L/P Licence - $40 TMCC club membership is available for $60 annually or is available as a day membership for $10 per day.

One day Motorcycling Australia recreational licence $40 The most cost effective way to get a recreation licence is an annual one online via the following website: So assuming no club membership or MA licence the daily ride day cost would be as follows: Full $80+40+10 = $130 P/L $40+40+10 = $ 90 If you become a TMCC member and get an annual MA licence then ride days cost just the track day rider fee of $80 and $40 respectively. If you are planning a full season of ride days it's the way to go. On Sunday there is a Race day - over 50 riders will compete in a range of classes from pre 1990 historic bikes to the latest 1000cc Superbikes - Come and watch or if you want a track side seat Volunteer as a flag marshal Sunday and receive a ride day voucher worth $75.

Spectators are welcome and there is no cost to watch the racing .

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