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The Commmunity Theatre Byron Bay
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Years are flying by. Life isn’t reaching expectations. And, dreams seem to be consistently taking a back seat. “One day I’ll ...’ Often we are waiting for the right time. For the perfect conditions. For the ducks to line up in a neat little row. For us to be ‘ready’ for the big leap. And while we wait, time continues to fly by... But it’s not necessarily time that we need to stop. It’s us. We need to hit pause. Take a moment. Reconnect to who we really are and what is really important to us: outside of the "groundhog day" routine of day to day life. Let’s hit pause for one day. One Day in Byron Bay Spend one day with four leaders in the health, spiritual and personal growth fields, make a bunch of new like-minded, inspiring friends, and go away feeling like you are ready for the next step… Come together in the heart of Byron Bay, to talk clarity, connection, courage and choice.

Our four incredible hosts are all very different people, experiencing success on their own terms. A driving force of this event for Marcus, Chara, Bronnie and Karly is to show you that you can live your version of a great life, just as you are. Embracing your uniqueness. On your own terms. Clarity with Marcus Pearce: Alfred Hitchcock once said “A great script requires three things. A great script, a great script, and a great script.” It’s the same for an exceptional life. If you haven’t written a script for your life, chances are you’re living by someone else’s script. Living to please others and meet other people’s expectations of you is a shortcut to resentment, anger and regret. Marcus will help you write the script of your own, cutting through the overwhelm of choice, the struggle with fear and the paralysis of indecision.

Perfect for you if you are - ** Stuck in your career ** Stuck in your relationships ** In a health rut ** In financial overwhelm ** Or all of the above. Connection with Chara Caruthers - Who you are is a relationship. The food, thoughts, actions, people and environments that you engage with on a daily basis create a web of nourishment that either supports you in living your best life… or not. Disconnection is a modern epidemic. It’s at the heart of our struggles with worthiness, imbalance and dis-ease. More often than not we make choices in isolation, and through the fog of overwhelm and self loathing, because we’ve lost the connection to our beliefs, our bodies, our environment, our food and our deepest desires. Reclaiming our wholeness and living with purpose and passion starts with re-establishing the connection.

Perfect for you if you… **Feel confused or overwhelmed about the best way for YOU to stay healthy and vital **Are struggling in your physical body (weight, energy, hormones, etc.) **Have difficulty trusting yourself and your choices **Are tired of riding the health and wellness rollercoaster Courage with Bronnie Ware – Creating a life free of regret takes much courage. It increases the risk of being misunderstood and alienated. Living your own way can leave you appearing as a failure or fool, or having to tolerate opinions of others based on their own incorrect assumptions. But courage also creates magic – invisible to the eyes of the ordinary. Courage takes you to places where unexpected doors open, where upper-limits are extinguished, and where the joy of living your own way becomes your constant companion.

Courage takes much inner strength, but it is from where the seeds of positive and lasting change sprout. Perfect for you if you are – **Tired of living how others think you should ** Hearing a calling for a new direction **Scared of success and being more than you currently are **Yearning to make changes Choice with Karly Nimmo - Choice is something we all have, at all times. Totally underestimated and often very much overlooked. Mostly, the freedom of choice is taken for granted. Sometimes it’s easier for us to accept the status quo, than to challenge it, or choose a different path. Often we are so wrapped up in our stories, that we can’t even acknowledge that choice exists. Yet, there it is. At all times. A faithful friend that can move us from victim to victor, from failure to success, from fear to love.

Whether it’s choosing to start something new, or to walk away from something that doesn’t serve us, we always have choice. Perfect for you if you are - **Feeling like life is happening to you **Afraid of making the wrong decision **Ready to walk away from something **Procrastinating on starting If any ONE of these topics appeal to you, then this event is a must. Join Marcus, Chara, Bronnie and Karly for One Day in Byron Bay. Where: Byron Bay Community Centre (right in the centre of town) Time: 10am-5pm (lunch not included) EXCLUSIVE PRE-SALE ON NOW for our email and social media communities: 2 for 1 at $197 (bring a friend for free). Only available until DECEMBER 22nd. VIP EXPERIENCE $397: Includes intimate dinner with all four speakers and an EXCLUSIVE goodie bag full of surprises from your incredible hosts. LIMITED TO 16 SPOTS. First in, best dressed.

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