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Owner Horsemanship Kick Off Session (3hrs) (a mid week kick off session will also be run late Jan / early Feb). Ownership is so much more than just riding a horse. Many people spend hours and much money fine tuning their riding skills but true horsemanship goes so much deeper. To partner with the horse it takes understanding horse psychology and herd behavior, being able to read and tune into their communication, see the world through their eyes, become more aware of your own leadership skills and be willing to look at opportunities of improvement. This program is based upon natural/working horsemanship, is 100% hands on and will cover all learning in need-to-know of owning your own horse / building an even better relationship with your current horse. Behind everything I teach is two important principles; Safety and Respect – a critical two-way street between horse and human.

Owner Horsemanship Members (open to men & women) will learn and partake in the following (plus much much more); The World of The Horse • Horse psychology / Herd behavior • Understanding the world through the eyes of a horse (prey animal) • Partnering through Leadership • Setting your horse and yourself up to always succeed through safety & respect • Ensuring your horse feels better about him/herself from your interaction • Building trust & respect Horsemanship • Learning the art of your horse ‘catching you’ (with no food – all through body language) • Learn the importance of groundwork • How ground skills transition ‘into the saddle’ • Effective communication between 4 phases • Pressure & release • Riding bitless • Float loading • Learning to let go of bad habits / understanding why things go wrong Grooming & Health Care, & Feeding • Hoof care & filing • Identify and treat common skin conditions • General grooming and grooming equipment • Worming your horse • Conformation / Breeds Tack & Equipment • Simplify equipment – what you really need • Saddle types & fitting • Rugging Owner Horsemanship Members enjoy: ü Weekly Tuition Sessions (attend as your schedule allows) ü Members Only Chat Forum ü Access to The Herd VIP video & learning portal / Youtube Channel ü Coaching help to find your perfect match of breed, gender, age, experience and personality of horse.

ü Assistance with horse purchase - opportunity of group excursions to sale yards / rescue properties / rehome a horse rescued by The Herd (test ride horse on our property over long term period to ensure suitability both ways) ü Adhoc Webinars ü Plus more horsey fun ü Child Minding available on site (additional cost) Pricing • Launching Members: Weekly workshop sessions only $59 for 3 hours • Members are to subscribe to our Monthly VIP Hack Subscription $40 per month Pricing will be kept affordable and on a per session basis. Members can attend as much or as little that suits their schedule.

I’m away until March 5th but will start up when I’m back from Hawaii xxx

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