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SACRED SISTAHOOD CIRCLE ∞ MONDAY NIGHT'S MANDURAH 5th FEBRUARY - 2nd APRIL 2018 Awaken, Remember and Reclaim the Mysteries & Wisdom of the Divine Feminine. Sistas, join us for this Sacred Women's Circle. ∞ CHAKRAS, ANGELS & ORACLES ∞ For our first series of 2018, we explore how our energy centres or 'chakras' affect our equilibrium and how we can call upon our Angels, Oracles and Guides to help us find clarity, direction & balance. 2018 YOUR YEAR OF BALANCE & FLOW Wyld Tribe has been holding Sacred Space now for the last FOUR years here in Mandurah and I am just so in awe of the women who have gathered to heal the sistahood wound, who hear the call from their soul to come home to self and seek the power and togetherness of women's wisdom. In the sacred sanctity of circle, we come together to connect with women who: • help to rewyld your feminine spirit • witness your story & song • celebrate your true soul essence • see your authentic, wonderful self • remind you of the healing power of love It is a safe space where we are all equal and respect one another's diverse truths and experiences.

Through Journey work, meditation, dance & breathwork techniques, each week we look to balance & flow to seek the wyldness within. We will gather in soulful space to seek & explore using various techniques. ∞ Moon Magick ∞ Guided Creative Visualization ∞ Heartfelt sharing & connection ∞ Intention Setting ∞ Song, Sound, Chant & Ceremony The exchange will be $230 : $100 deposit required at registration. 8 Week Series : Payment plans can be organised. "Sistahood Circle offers women an opportunity to come home to the light of their own divine soul. Women in CELEBRATION of one another" In circle we share our stories with integrity and trust, creating a safe space of connection to grow into our most empowered, centred & authentic selves" ​ Whatever your path or beliefs are, if you come with an open heart & open mind, with compassion and love, you are welcome here.

THIS SISTAHOOD CIRCLE IS FOR ALL WOMEN those just awakening and women ready to RISE into leadership .. I look forward to creating sacred space with you. Much Love & Wyld Blessings Trace xXx REGISTRATION & INFORMATION " May you find the Magick you seek within you divine, wyld self"

What is a Sistahood Circle?... Sistahood Circle is a SAFE space to go within, express heartfelt emotions, be witnessed, surrender, grow and authentically feel. Often women feel a sense of deep connection and homecoming on their first circle, that slow ‘sigh' of relief & sometimes a few tears. The first step in showing up for SELF, is honouring that deep yearning for the ‘something missing' and diving beyond the resistance to reach out to your sistas.

It is beyond your everyday girlfriends & often you can share your deepest hopes & fears within sacred space. The circle isn’t of any religious denomination but rather a holding ground for sacredness, women’s mysteries & empowerment. WHAT HAPPENS? We can be so consumed with the business of the modern world, almost to the point of an excuse for truly living. . The circle is a space outside of the chatter, a place to soften & turn inwards. To practice slowing down, heartfelt sharing, taking notice, simple presence & deep witnessing. The circle is a place where there is no-one above you, no one below you, there is no-one in front nor behind, the space is sacred because it invokes UNITY, KINDNESS & COMPASSION. Darling woman, YOU are worthy. Each woman brings their story, their knowledge & way of being.

Their unique thread and as we seek to heal the Sistahood wound, those threads weave a beautiful tapestry of trust & love. WHY WOMENS CIRCLE? Women have been gathering in sacred circle since the dawning...

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