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FREE 1-hour introduction to Seven Thinking Caps©                                                                                          No Charge, No Obligation at your location, or extra cost if location required.                    Increase Thinking Productivity by 500-800%IBM trained 40,000 Managers globallyTaught in Corporations, Schools and Universities worldwide                                                                               Reduce Argument, Improve Teamwork, Think Faster, Increase Output, Save Time and MoneyBe Creative, Assess Ideas EffectivelyReduce Meeting Time by 80% (IBM) COURSE SUMMARY                                                                                                                                        Seven Thinking Caps – 1 Day                                                                                                                          Course Objectives Western thinking is based on debate, critical thinking and position-taking which places people as opponents that can lead to argument and conflict which waste time and reduce thinking effectiveness.

Also most peoples’ thinking is mixed leading to confusion and emotional responses in problem solving. This course will train participants to divide thinking into Seven different styles and consider each separately, with all people thinking together in each style. Participants will learn to improve their thinking, increase teamwork, reduce time required to make decisions, and reduce meetings’ duration. The course includes:                                                                                                                                          History of Western thinking and the need to move from debate to co-operative exploration.                             Learn to divide thinking into Seven different styles and consider each together with other people                   Apply Seven Caps in various situations including self-thinking, meetings, conversations and writing.

Who Needs Seven Thinking Caps?                                                                                                             Anyone who wants to improve their thinking productivity, decision making and save time.

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