Shape Shifting {Carving}

AddresseGlen Forrest Village
AtThe Faraway Tree Cafe + Community Space
CountyAustralia @ (AU)
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Glen Forrest Village
The Faraway Tree Cafe + Community Space
Australia @ (AU)
Tel 2018-04-29
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Carving is such a good metaphor for life and plans. Starting with an undefined block, you try to impose your will on it, using gross and subtle means, to make it conform and do what you want it to. But of course there are slips and accidents along the way. You get hot and sweaty: it takes physicality to engage with life. You need patience: life and carving take time and effort to get it close to what we intended. You need the right tools: occasionally a hammer and chisel, at other times a fine blade. And sometimes you need to take a break, step back and gain perspective. We explore many aspects of carving in this one-day workshop- metaphoric, physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual- to gain insight into our lives and create meaning. You can expect to: * Work with a variety of materials to carve out different aspects of Self * Become familiar with a range of tools * Become aware of the sensory aspects of carving and how they affect our emotions and psyche * Discover ways of intentionally using carving techniques to work therapeutically, for yourself or others.

We believe that the structure of small groups (4-12 participants) provides the ideal container for exploratory work and strive to achieve a safe and respectful sharing of ideas. As well as the enthusiasm and knowledge of two experienced workshop leaders, all art materials are included in the price, although you might like to bring a notebook to document.

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