Sidechain: Jzuk/Alkymi/Ag Sterling/Ether Club

Addresse268 morphett street
AtLotus Lounge
CountyAustralia @ (AU)

268 morphett street
Lotus Lounge
Australia @ (AU)
Tel 2018-02-22
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We storm into the second half of February with another gosh-darn-packed lineup of local electro talent. This week is all about the beats, coming at you at a variety of tempos and moods... Quirky beats. Heavy beats. Smooth beats. Liquid beats. All that and more at your friendly neighbourhood Sidechain. ------------------------------------------------------ FREE ENTRY ALL NIGHT DOORS 8PM ------------------------------------------------------ FREE PIZZA WITH A COCKTAIL & $3 CHAMPAGNE BEFORE 10PM ** SPECIALS BEFORE MIDNIGHT ** $5 - Castello Lager tins - Gins - MANGO SOUR SHOTS $10 FRANGELICO AFFOGATO AFTER 10 PM ------------------------------------------------------ SET TIMES: 8.15 – Ether Club 9.00 – Alkymi 9.45 – Jzuk 10.30 – Ag Sterling ------------------------------------------------------ Jzuk: It’s not often that we are at a loss for words describing an artist, but first impressions of Jzuk’s music left us picking our collective jaws from the ground, dusting them off and struggling for the vocabulary.

This is music full of elegance and heart and grit and light and dark and... OH MAN SO MUCH. Come along for a moment as we dig through her back catalogue, you’ll see what we mean. ‘Mulk Ants’ is a woozy, wonky slice of ethereal pop – all reverb-drenched angelic vocals and dusty kicks – imagine FlyLo producing Boards of Canada. Or ‘Carrey’s Boing’, with its straight-ahead r&b alt.pop and just enough wobbly bass. Or a track with the audacity to be called ‘Beef Bone Drops’ and be REALLY FREAKING CATCHY. By the time you’ve gotten to ‘Drift’, you’ll be somewhere else. To say that we are excited for this set is an understatement of several million degrees. Alkymi: Oh boy, it’s a new project (YOU KNOW WE LOVE THOSE) from Christian, aka one half of Futuresounds Favourites (TM) Antigen.

Alkymi is the name of this new endeavour and smooth beats are most definitely the game. First drop ‘Railway’ demonstrates this perfectly, all shiny, beautifully detuned saw leads, clattering percussion and purring sub bass. Then it just falls away into a bridge that’s. Just. So. Damn. Nice. Like, not just nice, but niiiicccceeee. Like giving your ears a bath in velvet. If velvet were in a liquid form. And your ears were easily removable from your body. Right, we’re abandoning this metaphor now. Nonetheless, Alkymi has all the tight production and polished sheen you’ve come to expect, as well as being damn catchy. What will he bring to our table for a live set? No idea – YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW EXCITING THAT IS. Ag Sterling: You might have noticed that we love us some drum and bass around Sidechain quarters.

If it’s weird and wonky dnb, well dammit – even better. Those of you who have witnessed an Ag Sterling set before will know why he fits the bill so perfectly. These are epic, vibrant, pulsating tunes, an equal mix of liquid lushness, percussive madness and jazz jams. Expect off-kilter rhythms, pads so detuned they’ll make your eyes water (y’know, in that good way) and a particular breed of sub bass that hits just the right part of your chest (also: your soul). Oh, and every once in a while he’ll slip in a saxophone sample – Ag Sterling is just that kind of guy. Up for a late night boogie at fluctuating tempos? We’ve got you sorted, friends – we’ve got you well and truly sorted. Ether club: Our soul was not prepared for the onslaught of tech house madness that Ether Club brought our way on his EP ‘Spirit Redux’.

We pressed play on ‘Fading Shades’ without thinking and were quickly lost to some outer region ruled over by ancient and terrifying beings. Or perhaps the kick drum was just hitting a frequency that made us paranoid, could be that too. The whole result is a rickety, shaking engine of the best possible kind, combining what sounds like detuned vaporwave samples with over-distorted rhythm sections lifted straight out of a possessed drum machine. But then there are moments when things threaten to get a bit acid house. Or moments of jazzy chords appear. We’re very confused and our eyebrows are starting to twitch in a worrying manner, but you know... we rather like it.

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