Sir Charles Nicholson Lecture 2018

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Join us for an evening of champagne, canapes and a lecture by Dr Alexandra Fletcher.Jericho, near the Dead Sea, is one of the oldest inhabited settlements on the planet. Excavations in 1953 uncovered a cache of skulls that had been plastered and painted 9500 years ago to resemble individuals – some of the oldest 3D portraits in human history. One of these skulls was sent to the British Museum, and another to the Nicholson. Recent CT imaging of the skull in the British Museum has revealed astonishing new information about the skull at the British Museum, and its transformation from person to cultic artefact. In this talk, Dr Alexandra Fletcher will discuss these new discoveries, and how they might help us better understand the celebrated Jericho skull in the Nicholson Museum.See Dr Fletcher discussing the Jericho Skull at the British Museum here.Alexandra Fletcher has been a curator in the Department of the Middle East at the British Museum since 2001.

She has been involved in several re-displays of the permanent ancient Middle Eastern collections. Her research focuses on interpreting social change through objects, particularly artefacts related to feasting and mortuary practices. She received her PhD from the University of Manchester and has published on the prehistory of Anatolia and Mesopotamia. She has also conducted fieldwork in Turkey and Oman. Dr Fletcher is in Sydney to present the Annual Nicholson Lecture as a guest of the Friends of the Nicholson Museum. 

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