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Join us for a very special Sound Bath and Cacao Ceremony. Exchange $30 We will begin the evening with a Sacred Cacao Ceremony.  Cacao is a powerful plant medicine that can open up the heart chakra and allow you to connect with yourself in a deeper, more loving way.... Cacao enables you to connect with your inner spirit and wisdom, allowing for more profound meditation. This magical medicine has a whole host of natural feel good chemicals that influence the body in magical ways as soon as it is consumed.  Allow the Cacao to then guide you into deeper states of healing and meditation during the Crystal Sound Bath. Using Crystal Singing Bowls, Reverie Harp, Gong, Koshi Bells and other instruments, Sophia creates a unique experience of sound sensations, that will transport you to another dimension, unblock energy and vibrate your body into a state of well-being and harmony.

"I attended a sound bath in Grafton and it was just beautiful so relaxing and calming. I felt so energised afterwards. Thanks Sophia". - Michelle Johnson "Sophia's sound bath workshop was truly remarkable. Throughout the session I could feel pockets of energy release like bubbles rising to the surface. Afterwards I felt deeply relaxed, completely at peace and nurtured at a deep inner level. Thank you Sophia. " - Lin Foley PS - Please let us know beforehand if you are taking any anti-depressent medications or suffer from any heart issues, as we will need to adjust your cacao dose accordingly.

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