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11 Stanton Street
Collingwood Library
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Notice of Special General Meeting and Notice of General Meeting 7:00pm Friday, 19 January 2018 Collingwood Library, 11 Stanton Street, Abbotsford SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING In accordance with Section 31 of the VicBears Inc Constitution, the committee gives notice of a Special General Meeting (SGM) to provide members an opportunity to endorse the members appointed to the committee to continue through to the Annual General Meeting in July 2018, where full elections will be conducted and open to any financial member to nominate. The Caretaker President will give an overview of the events that have led to this situation, after which the members present will be invited to discuss and vote upon the following resolution: That this meeting of members endorses the filling of casual vacancies of the committee of management in accordance with section 57 of the Constitution, and subsequently, the caretaker committee shall be known as “the Committee”.

Please note that according to section 33(2) of the Constitution that this is the sole matter that may be considered during the SGM. GENERAL MEETING In accordance with section 33 of the Constitution, we propose to immediately follow the SGM with a General Meeting to provide an opportunity for discussion for anyone wishing to share their thoughts and ideas. The President will give a “state of the union” type address, and outline the planning for 2018. If there are specific issues you would like the caretaker committee to give detailed information at this meeting (such as the state of the finances, etc.) it would be helpful if you let Rob Camm know via [email protected] so that the appropriate information can be prepared in advance. MEMBERSHIP 2018 The VicBears Constitution is inflexible.

Section 13(2)(a) restricts voting to members only (not associate members) and that section 13(2)(b) states that 10 days must have passed since becoming a member of the association. Only VicBears Members who join or renew their membership prior to Monday 8 January 2018 are eligible to vote. You can renew or apply for VicBears 2018 membership online here: VOTING BY PROXY Online/Printable Proxy Form: If you are a financial member and are unable to attend the SGM in person, you may appoint another member to act as your proxy. This may be achieved by completing an online proxy form [link above] or posting a paper based form so that it reaches the secretary no later than 7pm Thursday 18 January 2018 (S34(7)).

Alternatively a signed proxy form may be given to the Chairperson immediately prior to the commencement of the meeting (S34(6)). VIC BEARS INC. CONSTITUTION You are welcome to review the VicBears Inc. Constitution from the website QUESTIONS Feel free to ask any questions about the SGM and the GM via direct message to VicBears or to Rob Camm, [email protected]

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