Stand in solidarity with anti-govt protesters in Iran

Addresse483 George St
AtSydney Town Hall
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483 George St
Sydney Town Hall
Australia @ (AU)
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This action has been postponed until next Sunday 14 January (same time and place) ***** Stand in solidarity with anti-govt protesters in Iran Stop the repression, stop the killings. No to Rouhani, No to Khamenei. Yes to people power. Yes to freedom. 2pm Sydney Town Hall, Marching to Hyde Park fountain via George, King & Elizabeth Sts Speakers: TBA Since 28 December, the protests which started in Mashhad against price rises, cuts to welfare programs and corruption have spread to every corner of the country. The death toll has risen to 22, but protests continue to grow. It's an insult to the brave people on the streets of Iran's cities to call them stooges of the US/Israel, just because these undemocratic regimes are opportunistically supporting the protests.

The Iranian people being gunned down on the streets or languishing in the regime's notorious prisons need the mass support of ordinary people across the globe, including Australia. They will rely on their own strength, not on the tweets of hypocrites like Donald Trump, who wants to install a regime more compliant with the interests of the US empire. Neither are people risking their lives for the restoration of an equally corrupt and repressive royal family. A recent article in Al Jazeera says: [Many in Iran hoped that the deal, by lifting many international sanctions, would ease the country's financial struggles. Yet, the benefits do not seem to have trickled down, with critics blaming the ruling religious elite for economic mismanagement and alleged corruption.

Last month's budget, which included cuts to vital social welfare programmes while giving more money to religious and revolutionary institutions, exacerbated tensions, according to analysts. "If you have been objectively following the socioeconomic indicators in Iran, you'll see a huge portion of the population has not been benefitting from neither the reformist policies, nor from the conservative ones," said Fathollah-Nejad. "If you take all those structural factors, plus the more recent contingent factors - the government's response to the [December] earthquakes, student and labour protests, and the budget announcement ... you cannot be very much surprised."]

There's a classic rock song called "Won't Get Fooled Again", and it's about revolution.

The line goes, "Meet the new boss/ same as the old boss." As a human being and caring citizen of Planet Earth, what i want is democracy in Iran, where the Iranian people will be able to choose for themselves what government they want, and vote them out if disappointed. As a caring human being, i support women's rights for Iran. I support the right of women to wear whatever they want, and to have absolute equality under law. I also support the right of people to hold any spiritual religious belief they want, and to change their beliefs if they choose. I support Christians in Iran, and i support the right of Muslims to convert to Christianity, as in Australia Christians are free to convert to Islam if they choose, with NO repercussions. I also support freedom for Bahais, and i call for EVERY Bahai currently in prison for purely their faith, to be released NOW.

Furthermore, i believe Islam needs a reformation, and to leave behind cruel and evil teachings such as suppresion of equality for women, harsh penalties for leaving Islam, and crulety against gay people (who cannot help the way they are). The reformation has already come and it is called Bahai. Iranian should be PROUD of Bahai, because the Bahai, from Iran, are visionaries showing the way forward for humanity, that we may all live in peace. Even Christians have something to learn from the Bahai faith. This is my...

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