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THIS LECTURE WILL: Give you a competitive edge for the last term of the HSC Offer tips and tricks from someone who state ranked Standard Maths. Break down the most important things to know for your Trial exams And the best bit? It is totally free. It's not the content that's going to screw you over in Mathematics Standard. Think about it... Only 5% of students got a Band 6 in Maths Standard last year, but supposedly it's an "easy as" subject to get 90+ in. Well, if it is so easy, why aren't more people scoring a Band 6? Because they're making mistakes. They're screwing up. They’re missing things. These are things you can't afford to do in a subject that mercilessly punishes small mistakes. It will chew you up and spit you out. One person who didn’t make those mistakes is our Maths Standard lecturer, Krystelle.

With a mark of 99 for Maths Standard (which earned her a state rank, obviously) she is going to give you a crash course on not losing marks in a Maths Standard paper. This means going over bits of content that are often the death of students, as well as giving you her tips, tricks, and advice as a student who did it herself. This is the lecture you don't want to miss. Of the tens of thousands of students enrolled in this subject, less than 1% of them will fit into this lecture room.  Our July lectures are free, and as you can imagine, they always fill ridiculously quickly. Be quick – Reserve your seat now and tell your friends to do the same.

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