The Art of Mindful Living Retreat - Byron Bay - July 2020

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Escape to a lush, peaceful, breathtaking sanctuary in the outskirts of Byron Bay. Relax, unwind and learn valuable skills that will last a lifetime. You'll enjoy:  Daily yoga/meditation classes that are accessible to all levels of experience Daily ‘yoga nidra’ (deep relaxation meditation done lying down) Delicious, healthy vegetarian food A relaxing atmosphere, surrounded by nature in a beautiful retreat venue Free time to enjoy bushwalks or simply relaxing in the beautiful surrounds Periods of silence (from 8pm to after breakfast the next day) to encourage reflection and relaxation Tickets for this retreat are limited so book your spot now. Frequently Asked Questions What are the main benefits of attending a retreat?The most common feedback we’ve had from previous attendees are that the main benefits are the following: Learn key skills to ‘tame’ the mind so that you can live with less stress, overcome negative thinking and limiting beliefs that can hold you back Learn how to meditate and integrate mindfulness into your life so you have access to that calm centre as you go about daily life.

Take time out in nature to rest, eat healthy food and leave feeling like your batteries have been recharged. Identify what your ‘true north’ is by uncovering your values and how to live a truly ‘meaningful life’. Notice less reactivity, better mood and improved relationships after going home.  (You can read more of the benefits people are reporting on our Facebook reviews here) I’m new to mindfulness, will a retreat be suitable to me? The retreat is suitable for all levels of experience, even if you’re totally new to it all. I have a well established mindfulness practice, will I be bored or get anything out of the retreat? On every Art of Mindful Living retreat we have experienced practitioners who come to deepen and strengthen their practice and learn new key skills to integrate mindfulness more fully into their lives.

If you’re an experienced practitioner then we invite you to enjoy this opportunity to dive a little deeper into the practice and learn Melli’s five core principles of a more mindful and meaningful life. Why is the Art of Mindful Living Retreat facilitated over five days? This retreat is an ‘immersion’ into the Art of Mindful Living. The retreat is held in this five-day intensive format to maximise the time spent developing, strengthening and fine tuning your capacity for mindfulness, as well as giving you some time away from distractions to simply be. Just like learning to ride a bike, it takes a bit of practice and time to get the hang of mindfulness and the other skills you will learn. It’s not enough to just read about mindfulness, or go and spend only a few hours learning.

Developing new skills takes time and the five-day format gives you the space to develop or significantly deepen your mindfulness practice. When you leave the retreat after five days, mindfulness will feel like second nature and you will truly feel the effects of the retreat when you return home. The five-day process will give you all the tools and practice you need to feel confident in integrating meditation and mindfulness into your life so that you can live with less stress and struggle and more of a sense of peace purpose and fulfilment. How can I take the learnings from this retreat back into my life?At the end of the retreat you will leave with a workbook and a meditation audiopack to keep for life. You will also be invited to take part in a 30-day challenge to help you integrate what you learn at the retreat into your daily life.

As part of the 30-day challenge you will also receive two free online group coaching calls to support you through and troubleshoot any questions or concerns. There is also the option for ongoing coaching and support year round which is exclusive to graduates of the Art of Mindful Living retreat.

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