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Sales can be confusing.  Sometimes you nail it and feel on top of the world and sometimes you get little traction and can’t understand why.  Your product / service is a great match, they want and need what you have and it’s well priced.  So what was missing?  This space of confusion is a painful one that costs a lot of income.  Revenue leaks from your business as prospects that should be buying from you, take their business elsewhere, leaving you to fume as to the money left on the table and the lack of advancement in your business … advances that you see others achieving. If left unattended this pattern can rinse and repeat leaving you with an “icky” feeling about sales and sucking the enjoyment out of being in business all together  Your deserve more than this.

So what if there was a proven code that, when applied in the right order, would provide you with the results your after and so much more.  What if there was a way to be extraordinarily persuasive.  A fluent system that you could apply while being 100% authentic to who you are?  A recipe to follow that leads yourself and your prospective buyer to the exact same conclusion, without being in anyway pushy or reverting to the 'Ol Skool' and much dreaded ‘hard sell’. While the powerful world of Human Behavioural Science teaches us that there is a code.  Not a script mind you, nothing as primiative as that - but a code.  A predictable pattern of behaviour and can be readily understood and immediately leveraged for extraordinary results in your business. What is the perfect sales conversation?  One where both yourself and your buyer feel completely comfortable all the way through and, at the end, has 4 out of 5 ideal buyers saying YES PLEASE.

Conversion is dollars.  Conversion is the life blood of a business.  As we master the art of conversion we ramp up our revenue enormously.   I look forward to seeing you there  ...  Marcus  PS - FURTHER INFORMATION: In the Conversation Code we cover the 5 essential frames of the perfect sales conversation The Conversation Code Frame 1 – Logic & Emotion.  Selling purely on logic will have your buyers knowing why they should go ahead but feeling in no way compelled to act.  Selling purely on emotion generates a massive compulsion to act, BUT is unethical and gets results that tend not to be “sticky” (EG: high buyers remorse and refund requests).  So then, we know we need to intersperse logic and emotion into our sales conversation – that is the “what”, but HOW and WHEN do we do it?  This balance has a mastery to it.  A cadence that can be learnt, followed and applied immediately.

The Conversation Code Frame 2 – Past Pain and Future Pleasure.  Just like it is important to cover both logic and emotion, it is also crucial to cover both past and future, pain and pleasure.  To avoid either is to neglect a crucial aspect needed to have your buyer feeling a desire to buy.  So WHEN and HOW do we discuss the past / pain and WHEN and HOW do we discuss the future / pleasure.  It is a rhythm that can be learnt & followed  The Conversation Code Frame 3 – In the space of non-resistance your ideal prospect WILL buy.  So how do we eliminate the resistance?  We do it with our IDENTITY.  And which identity eliminates resistence most powerfully? You may be surprised. . The Conversation Code Frame 4 – The Flip (getting THEM to overcome their own objections).  Overcoming objections once a buyer raises them is a rudimentary approach that is not particularly affective.  Getting your prospect to overcome their own objections THOUGHOUT THE CONVERSATION with artful and well timed questions on the other hand, is extremely powerful.  When they hear themselves justify to themselves why they should go ahead, it is 10x more powerful than you telling them why they should proceed.  Learn the HOW and WHEN of this frame, to unlock this 10x power advantage for your business The Conversation Code Frame 5 – Talking Money.  Action = Tension + Desire.  So you’ve built the desire above and put all the elements in place for the client to feel comfortable proceeding with you, but if you don’t know how to expertly have the money conversation, it’s all for nought.  This closing step is beyond critical.  There is a way to talk about money.  A tone it needs to be discussed in and certain aspects of it that need to be focused on to most benefit your prospect in making a great decision.  And of course bringing it all together or 'STACKING THE FRAMES' elegantly, powerfully and influencially is where the true mastery lies - and all of this is taught to you on the day - business for you will never be the same.

What have other participants had to say? 10/10 A great mix of science -based behavioural insights with practical real-world examples & … practice.  Genuine business building skills”.Tony Phelps, Director, Winch Websites    “9.5/10 Awesome training.   Marcus has a great understanding & definitely does what he teaches.  Such important skills to have for anyone in business … the system to make sales simple” Kate Herford, Coach & Wellness Mentor   “10/10 It’s so great to combine this with the learnings from the ‘Behavioural Code’ … Just awesome” Jason Burns, CPA and Wellness Mentor    “10/10 Highly recommended. . .   Convo Code … is a system that would benefit all business owners … at an authentic and genuine level”  Genaya Hutchinson, Director, Support Strategies Bookkeeping    “Thankyou Marcus for your insight into sales, this is going to give me more confidence talking to the big boys – I look forward to investing in more training with yourself”  Simmone Burns, Director, Your Clean   “10/10 A great day leaning the 5 Frames.  Being able to sell from the heart which aligns so much with what I am about”    Matt Hart, Director, The Growing Man       “10/10 Great course, loved it.

  I had my ‘Ah Ha’ moment and it felt good … will be back again to refresh”  Anna Natonewski, Director, Nevermind Adventures      

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