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5/37-39 Smith St
Parramatta Naturopathic Clinic
Australia @ (AU)
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Did you know your thoughts have a profound impact on your life? Especially when it comes to your health, your relationships and your career? Many people blame outside circumstances for the way they feel and the position they are in. Eg work colleagues, clients/customers, government, society etc... This creates feelings of disempowerment and imprisonment. As long as you keep blaming them you don't have to do anything. They are in control of your life. So in a way, its your scapegoat. Your excuse for not moving forward. But life is not about standing still, its about moving with the motion and experiencing life's treasures that are rightfully yours. Your birthright is to live a life happy. When you think about your motives and why you do what you do, ultimately, it leads to happiness.

The memories you feel with your family, the income that you receive to support the life you lead, and the energy to fuel your daily life. Even though all of these things are what we work towards, many people don't stop to reflect how they can make their life easier with the words they use and thoughts they have. Your mind is the starting point of creation. By changing a thought, you change your next breath, next word, next feeling and next step. Would you like to discover the impact of your thoughts and the power you have to heal your mind, body and soul? Would you like to experience happiness now instead of waiting until the end of the road? On Monday the 22nd of January, I will share with you how to: – Tap into your power to manifest your hearts desires – Heal yourself from old emotions and negative thoughts to experience more happiness and joy in your everyday life – Open up your intuition so you can have more clarity and confidence – Improve your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being – Access the Theta brainwave to create change in your life The Theta Brain Wave is the brainwave of accessing your subconscious mind to dissolve limiting beliefs and feelings.

By tapping into it, you can consciously dis-create whats holding you back and create the life you desire. Say bye bye to stress, pain, anger and hurt. Welcome in authentic happiness, joy, love, laughter, and serenity. In this webinar, you will learn course material taken from the Basic ThetaHealing Course. This will include: – The power of your subconscious mind – The 4 Level Belief System – How your belief systems are creating your life – How to instantly reprogram your negative beliefs – Instil positive beliefs that will empower your life The workshop will be fun, relaxed and informative. DETAILS WHEN Monday the 22nd of January TIME 7pm-8:30pm EST INVESTMENT Free REGISTER Be sure to drink water before, during and after the session.

Hydration is important for you to process the content we will be covering in the presentation. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I look forward to seeing you there. Love & Blessings, Nicole xo

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