Uncanny Valley

CitySaint Albans
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Saint Albans
Australia @ (AU)
Tel 2019-09-25
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Enter the Uncanny Valley, an unnerving place, a place to explore computer generated people, to transplant their faces onto your own and see humanity and the posthuman surrealism of snapchat through a computer's eyes. Works generated by AI, added to your face using AI to turn you into a computer human hybrid. J Rosenbaum has trained their computer on tens of thousands of snapchat selfies and trained their computer to make its own. A surreal landscape grid of generated partially human faces. You then have the opportunity to use snapchat to put the images back onto your own face and become part of the artwork, pose with friends and share the creepy, cool and sometimes hilarious results. J. Rosenbaum is a contemporary figurative artist working in 3D modeling, artificial intelligence and artificial intelligence and exploring the intersection of technology and art.

Their most recent work has been in exploring the nature of Non Binary transness and their own genders and sexuality. In 2019 they are continuing their research into computer perceptions of gender with their PhD at RMIT.

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