Wollongong contingent to the Invasion Day rally in Sydney

AddresseLowden Square
AtWollongong railway station
CountyAustralia @ (AU)

Lowden Square
Wollongong railway station
Australia @ (AU)
Tel 2018-01-26
Categoria Events

An event to coordinate a Wollongong contingent to show solidarity with the Sydney Invasion Day rally. The Indigenous peoples of this land have been resisting the racist terrorism of successive Australian governments since 1788. This racism continues today, from the brutalisation of black youth in detention, the murder of men and women in custody, the theft of children from families, the destruction of Aboriginal lands to feed corporate profits, the apartheid NT Intervention, to the forced removal of communities, Aboriginal people on this continent are under heavy assault from a new wave of dispossession. But the fightback is also growing and urgently needs your support. Last year tens of thousands came together across the country in the largest Invasion day rallies in years.

Join us in getting the train up to Sydney to show solidarity with the indigenous communities under attack, and to make it clear that this is Invasion Day not Australia Day. Event for the Sydney rally: *** Due to the Invasion Day train timetable for Wollongong station not being available yet, the time below is provisionally: check back closer to the date ***

We'll be putting up some posters to advertise the Invasion Day rally around Wollongong next week. Message the page if you'd like some posters or to help put them up.
Please share this far and wide and direct invite all your fb friends that might be interested in participating on Invasion Day.

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