Yoga Rhythms Teacher Training Toowoomba

Addresse1859 Flagstone Creek Road
AtChinese Martial Arts and Health Centre Australia
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1859 Flagstone Creek Road
Chinese Martial Arts and Health Centre Australia
Australia @ (AU)
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200 hour teacher training course curriculum Asana: The Foundations, teach sensation based alignment, effectively and with confidence. Learn to modify the poses for beginners, injured and advanced students. Transitions – the use of verbal cues to move safely around the mat. Voice and Vocabulary – creating a safe and supportive environment. Sequencing – create a vinyasa flow that supports everyone in the class. Anatomy and Physiology: All the systems of the body, and how yoga practices support them. The bones and joints, the differences in shape and size and how this affects asana. Muscles, movements and how to engage, strengthen and stretch. How to adapt the practice for specific physical challenges. Energetic Anatomy and Physiology Koshas, the layers of our being.

Elements and Doshas – our Ayurvedic expression. Nadis – the pathways of prana Chakras our karmic makeup. History and Philosophy The Origins of Yoga – exploring the ancient texts. The many Branches of Yoga practiced today. A step by step approach with Patanjali’s Sutras. Tantra rituals and practices for a united Self. Samkhya and the creation of the thinking mind. Pranayama and Meditation Mindfulness – and Breathing practices to anchor your mind in the breath. Pranayama – Yogic Breath, Nadi Shodhana, Bhramari, Ujjayi, Kapalabhati. Mantras – Gayatri, AUM, Mahamrityunja. Strictly limited spots available so book in quick. Four days, over four long weekends. Wanting to make a life changing decision? Maximum 12 people, applications close 29th June. for more information, how to book in and past testimonials. Any questions please ask.

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