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5 Lutana Street, Buddina
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From Judgement To Gratitude of Your Body Did you know your body has its own intelligence? Did you know it is constantly trying to communicate with you? Did you know that it feels your pain as well as its own? Did you know your body holds trillions of past memories that it would dearly like to let go of but first needs your permission to do so? If you’re interested in learning to see the benefits of getting to know your body as a best friend and experiencing a taste of what this communication might feel like, please come along and support your body’s wish to get to know you better. Naveen Light “The Light Whisperer” has been communicating with bodies for the past 2 years. She has discovered the gifts that bodies hold and the desperation they feel to get their messages across to you.

Do you know how to listen? This is not about feeling guilty. This is about feeling liberated. When your body feels connected to you by you feeling connected to your body, there is celebration on so many levels. 'Let me take you from discomfort, to acknowledgement, to appreciation of your beautiful body and the beginning of a whole new love affair. You won’t believe the gifts that your body has to show you. ' - Naveen. Buddina Studio Friday 23 March 6.30-8.30pm $30 early bird / $35 on the day

Join our Zenko Yogi Naveen Light for this very special event.

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